Klaymen figure


This is my first time sculpture. I have started to make my childhood's hero "klaymen". I hope you like my work.

Thanks for views. Have a nice day.


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    Great sculpt! Very faithful to the original character and spot on pose :) I was in love with the Neverhood when I was younger, it's aesthetic had a big influence on the work I do now. Copying characters you love is a great sculpting exercise; I made an Edward Gorey character called "The Doubtful Guest", I've attached below. Great job :)
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    Thank you, yes it's really enjoyful and train myself a lot. I'm really new about this art discipline and I thought It can be better if I start with easy shapes because 3d dimension in sculpture is really hard. You need to focus to every direction and fix mistakes. So one view angle is not enough and this is really different from 2d arts but I will train myself slowly and upgrade detail step by step.

    Your The Doubtfull Guest iş awesome. Really great job. Which material did you use for painting part. I'm still looking for cheap airbrush sets.
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    Nice sculpture, keep it up!
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