Hi There, I am new this forum. I actually found what I was looking for. A hobby and a new career opportunity. I just want to find out something. I saw prices on the tutorial menu as I watched the tutorials. Is it the price for that entire tutorial? or is the indicated price billed per "Part" of the relevant tutorial? Hope someone can assist me. Jay


  • Jay,
    I am fairly new as well and from what I can gather, if you become a member there are different levels you can subscribe to and they vary in price and options.  Some of the memberships allow you to view 4 tutorials a month all month long, other levels allow more.  If you are interested in purchasing the dvd you can pay individually. If you are not a member you can purchase the tutorial individually. I think its a better deal to buy a membership. I am at the apprentice level for 20.00 you can view unlimited views of 4 tutorials a month.
    If you view your limit per month and want to upgrade they give you that option as well.
    Sometimes they have mini tutorials as well.  I recently view Garage Monster tutorials and then after viewing the full one as part of my subscription they have the mini tutorials which are just the subsects of the original tutuorial and they are free to view with the subscription you have.
    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for the responds, it helps a lot. I will look at the different options. do you perhaps have an email adress?

    Kind regards,
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