8' Jack Skellington Puppet

edited April 2017 in Cosplay Contest
This guy was a pet project since I've always wanted to get as close to screen accurate as possible. Kind of hard when he's a skeleton! A full scale puppet seemed like the logical direction. The experience is something I will never forget. People kept telling me they wouldn't notice me behind him or would totally forget I was there!
Here's a few progress photos. Super cheap build, under $100 for sure.


A video of him in action!


Here he is rocking his second expression of the weekend. He was easy to wear and not too heavy, surprisingly the head added quite a bit of extra weight. I'll be testing out more lightweight versions before his next outing for sure.

And now he sits in my living room with his friend after I made him an outfit in time for Christmas! This outfit sits over his tux so I can switch styles if I want.

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