Iron man mk 39 Starbooster/gemini armor

hi all,

im wayne and a year ago ive built this Iron man mk 39 starbooster armor.
it had like 5 seconds of total screentime in the iron man 3 movie but i fell in love right away.

the whole suit is made by me in foam.
the original helmet was made in foam, then coated in smoothon epsilon to create a nice surface, sanded it and then made a mold of it in smoothon rebound 25, final helmet is casted in smoothcast 300.

went along to cut out the faceplate, program a arduino nano to control 2 servos for the faceplate mechanism which i operate from a switch implanted in the neckseal.

as for the suit, it is littered in a hexagon pattern which were all cut by hand and then went over with heat to pop them all open

the arm holds a green 3w floodlight that serves as a "rocket pod" the lid covering it is also servo controlled by arduino.

and for the big finale i made "functional" repulsor hands and jetpack thrusters by hooking up small co2 tanks to solenoid valves which are activated by switches within the suit near my wrists, as demonstrated here at a competition i competed in last year.

what follows are more pictures and videos of the final suit.
thanks for your time and have a good one!

with regards,

Wayne Berendhuysen
Wayne's Workshop

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