Hondo City Judge

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with the interest in Judge Dredd costuming peaking in 2012/2013 with the release of the the Dredd 3D movie, I thought I would revisit one of the costumes that I had always wanted to do as a kid.

In an alternate city set in the Judge Dredd Universe, there were similar judges.  But we ever only got to get small peaks of these guys.  For those you are not familiar with this judge - here is a pic from the comic

so, no parts were available, and of course, some artistic licence was required to making it a real world costume.

the 1st was the helmet.  Utilising the shape of a Plant clouche, I poured some polyurethane resin into it.  Once hardened, I used it as the basis for my helmet.

with a combination of plasticard and foam, I built up the details I wanted in the helmet

finally getting the shape I wanted

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    I made the pouches from pleather, and dyed it to the correct colour.  I did a similar process to the belt 

    I got a white leather jacket from a 2nd hand store and cut it to the shape I needed

    The shoulder boards were made from foam and covered in pleather dyed to the same red as well

    the gauntlets were motorcross gloves painted with the red accents and simple white wraps to simulate a gauntlet.  The trousers were store bought leather biking trousers.

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    boots were modified from motorcross boots.  Branding was sanded away and red accents added.  A flair was made for the boot tops and stuck on with velcro

    additional details were then glued onto the costume eg zips and other symbols painted on with leather dye

    The neck seal was white leather held together with an inner black leather piece to give the impression of a madarin colour.

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