The Grinch

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I play the Grinch for parades and all types of kids and charity events in my home town. The Face was hand sculpted with walmart clay and paper clips for details it was my first time making a prothetic. Cast in plater and made with liquid latex. I use Mehron face paint for coloring. The entire Fur suit was hand sewn at the time I didnt know how to use a sewing machine and had watched a tutorial on youtube how to hand sew. Takes about two hours for my face thats applying the glue to keep it on adding the cotton swabs to puff the cheeks Detailing etc....then putting the suit on.I do have the contacts but use them cautiously due to  the kids get scared with them in so i pick an choose when to wear them. I do Jim Careys Grinch Voice and wahlaw Mr. Grinch.
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