Iron Man Mk 46 Cosplay Entry

Hey everyone! Been a fan for a while, and thought I'd enter the cosplay contest! :D I'm aware there have been a few Iron Man cosplays in the contest already, but I still wanted to show my armor! :)

Armor 3D files were made by me using a few action figures as reference, then converted into Pepakura for EVA Foam. I went with EVA for the Mk 46 because it's a very complex suit, and in the films it always moves and shifts around itself as Tony moves, which isn't possible in real life of course. So I still needed something flexible enough that allowed me to walk and pose! The whole armor was covered with plastidip (first time using it, it's hard to get in Europe), then painted using metallic car paint. I included 2 GIFs to show off how the light reflects off the suit, it's pretty fun to see! There are also LEDs in the chest, eyes, heart piece and hands (but I don't have pictures posed with the hands lit up unfortunately, and they ran out of battery too fast...)

Anyways, thanks for reading and looking at my build, hope you enjoy it! And good luck to everyone in the contest! :)

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