Karune Calcium

Hello, my name is Liesa, I go by the name Aleryss Cosplay :) I'm located in Belgium and just a hobbyist.

I finished this costume over the course of two months.
I made something that was supposed to resemble stilts to get the right body shape, but I see a lot of room for improvement.

Everything except the belt, wig (styled by me) and contacts were handmade on this costume.

Stilts: wood, elastic, screws, hinges for toe movement, shoes, glue, metal rods and high-density craft foam.
Leg and arm covers: low-density craft foam, latex infused with acrylic paint, worbla, styrofoam balls, iron wire, gloves, small pvc pipe for structure.

Mask, pendant, insect hair deco, barnacle-style face application: worbla and acrylic paint. Safety pin and chain for application.

I wore this costume all day, including the stilts, no pain at all, lest a tired arm :) Makeup took about an hour.

For reference, I can only link this video, because she doesn't exist anywhere else (viewer discretion advised): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tktcOUi-x-A

(Photos courtesy of Fille Roelants Photography, CosplayCloud and Jean-Pierre Fouss)

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