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I'm very new to this website and to the idea of wanting to try sculpting. I tend to get a bit hung up on materials and a little OCD if I don't have what is suggested. I guess it's a fear of hitting issues or doing badly because I'm not following the instructions. So, with that said:

I'm thinking of trying Don's first sculpting course, Textures and Form. The materials include Chavant NSP Medium in red and I'd like to know if it's super important to use the red versus green? Basically, it's a cost issue as the cheapest supplier I've found only sells medium in green, but the jump in price to getting red medium from somewhere else isn't ridiculous, so is the extra cost worth it? 

I ask about the colour of the clay primarily because Don mentions in the preview vid on preparing your board that the light source you work by and its direction is quite important because of the way it causes shadows to fall and how it effects visibility of detail - I figure colour of the clay used may be equally important...

On a similar vein, how important is it to have a precise match to every tool listed in the materials? I guess I just like to know that if I produce a load of crap it's down to my own inability, not being disadvantaged by not having the right tools/materials!

Thanks in advance for any help or advice :smile:

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