Quantum Terror Puppets Demo Reel

Okay, you guys. I'm not sharing this anywhere else but here.

These are miniature, optical, and puppet effects in progress for my upcoming micro budget feature film, The Quantum Terror.

The password is: tqt2017

I hope you enjoy them and will check out the film when it comes out.



  • Neat little rod puppet creature, I loved the movement the operators got out of it.
  • @Mikey March Thanks so much. We had very limited resources. I made them out of mostly Sculpy, packing tape, bubble wrap, and latex. The one at the end was made by Jenna Green (who was on season 4 of Face Off) using Sculpy, thermo-plastic, and bones. She also did the paint job on all of them.
  • nice job !!!

    but how many people operate this puppet?
    Nice teamwork doh :)
  • Great stuff!  Can't wait to see the finished film!

  • @Freddy StynenThanks Freddy. There were four people on my puppet team for those sessions.

  • @Chris Ellerby Thanks Chris. Post production is a lot of work but we're getting near the end. I think it's going to turn out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Cheers.
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