Ceri Sian's masks and props

Hello all. Pleasure to be here and look at all your wonderful work. I'm Ceri, I live in the UK. I have an art degree from way back when but I'm an at home carer now. I put every hour of time off I have into making stuff and things and I'd go crazy if I didn't. It's old school and incredibly low budget so I'm a little nervous to share but here goes.

I love to make presents for friends, here's Lucille ( and me), made this Spring as requested by good friends who were heading to Walker Stalker in London. So that's a foam core, paper mache, home made string barbed wire and acrylic paint.


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    When left to my own devices I love making masks, just a few of the crop from last Halloween, all worn by friends

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    I am also a member of Hall Green Little Theatre, an award winning amateur society with our own rickety labyrinth of a theatre, it's a volunteer position, no one there gets paid, we are all just a little bit mad I suppose. I try and make whatever's needed for props and sometimes costume. It is by the nature of theatre a low budget enterprise and it's a challenge for a perfectionist because often you have to leave all that behind and build what works under those lights, not for cameras, make what's needed and not too much more because there isn't time and then be prepared to re purpose your hard work so the not so bad wolf from the pantomime Red Riding Hood get's a make over and becomes the mask of a serial killer for the Ian Rankin/Mark Thompson play Dark Road.. oh and we need a severed fox head, a little larger than life of course, you have a couple of weeks. We called him Stumpy :)  It's so much fun.
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