Rusty Mandalorian Armor

I've been uploading a lot of old portfolio work lately but here is something that I recently updated. My mandalorian costume for the mercs. Made from sintra and fiberglass

The Proto boba helmet made by Skygunbro creations. 

The armor rust is Sculpt Nouveau's Iron B Metal coating with a mix of steel powder rusted with tiffany Green patina. Best results were leaving it in the bathroom while I ran a hot shower. 

The jetpack was made in 2015 and is made from scratch sintra and fiberglass along with 3d-printed parts. For that rust I used a combination of Acrylic paints and cinnamon. Originally was going to use the cinnamon just for the bright orange powder but it works great when you mix it in with the paint to give it more texture. Now that I learned the cinnamon method I recommend it over the iron coating. You'll have way more control with the paint and cinnamon and will get results quicker.

Probably one of my favorite pieces so far, next to my Dalek.


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