Monster Makers' latex paint: any good?

I am looking to do a little foam fabrication now that the third installment of the T-Rex build video has come out.  The only thing I'm worried about is the painting step.  I live in California, but I can probably just order the naptha online if I want to make some rubber cement paint.  However, I did some research and came across Monster Makers' latex mask paint.  According to the website, it's less toxic than all the fun solvents that make up rubber cement.  I don't have a professional setup here, (just a room in my house and a garage) so I'm willing to spend more on something that's less likely to harm me, my pets, or my housemates.  I can't find anyone talking about it online, however.  I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has any experience with it before I drop the big bucks.


  • I've used the paints on latex masks but not on any type of foam fabrications.  It works awesome on the masks.  If you call Monster Makers they could definitely help you out.  Arnold and his crew there are very knowledgable and very helpful. 
  • I did not like it at all. Got very gummy. Createx with the adhesion promoter is way better

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