Church and Tex from Red vs Blue

My name is Ben from Cobbatron Props, and these are my cosplays based on Rooster Teeth's Red vs Blue, made in the video game Halo. This particular iteration is from Halo 2 (seasons 3-5 primarily).
Church (blue) was made in 2015-16 out of EVA foam and a sniper rifle made of insulation foam. Tex (Black) was made in early 2017 over the course of three weeks, significantly less time than the prior. She holds a 3D printed M6C Magnum pistol, modeled by me. The patterns for the costumes were made by me via 3D models created in Blender and unfolded to Pepakura. The undersuit bellys were drafted and sewn by me, made with black faux leather. The visors were purchased from Justin Branfuhr.
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