Upside Down Mech

I was wondering what changes might be needed if one wanted to make this 'upside down'
For instance if the head was to be mounted on a harness that fit's on an actor's shoulders and the head's position is  above the actor's head, and all the servo's were in the head.

I can see how the tilt servo's would work but I am puzzling on the rotation servo.

Many thanks


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    Not sure I get ya. Where does the upside down come into play if It's mounted above the actors head. Maybe you can sketch something to give us an idea.
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    Hi Dave.
    If I can use one of your pics as an example.

    You have the servo's down the bottom and the ball joints at the top.
    I am interested in doing this upside down so that the servos's are attached to the plate and the ball joints will be attached at the bottom.

    The same with the servo that will move the head from left to right. That would be mounted on the plate.

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    Cyril WichersCyril Wichers ✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    You could essentially turn the mechanism upside down and have an axle inserted into the top plate, that rotates on a bearing that is mounted stationary above the actor's head (you'd probably need 2 bearings mounted some distance away from eachother, to obtain enough rigidity, or use a setup like a "lazy Susan") Then you could have an attachment point either above or below the bearings where you attach your rotation servo to.

    Alternatively, you could use a setup using 6 servos like in a Stewart platform. That would give you all the motion a person could possibly generate (and then some)

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    Today I learned what a Stewart platform is...and now I want to make one.
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