White Queen Steampunk crossover

Hi there!

This is my steampunk crossover White Queen (Alice in Wonderland) I made this cosplay with EVA foam, wire and polymer clay for some details. I created everything from head to toe, including makeup and also carried out the photography.


  • Now that is a very fine dress, I'd so love to wear that. The bodice is very nicely tailored. How heavy did it get?  I guess I'm wondering if it's lighter or heavier than a fabric outfit that style? :)  
  • The skirt ended up being very heavy! I had to carry it in a certain way so as not to damage it, or hurt my back. haha!
  • Oh my goodness, it's absolutely lovely but doesn't go through the average doorway easily huh! Well, that's so often the way with a really nice dress ;)  I make carnival masks, old fashioned/ low tech. methods and even though they don't feel heavy when you put them, and I work really hard to make them light a large piece by the end of the night.. neck ache, so I can relate.
  • Great job. The rust through the white paint is a really nice touch.
  • Thank you for your comments, guys :)
  • This is lovely! Beautiful work
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