Custom Ancient Dalek Doctor Who

A big project I finished about a year ago, a centerpiece in my portfolio. Made from A combination of Sintra, MDF, steel, fiberglass casted parts, and found materials. The lights are powered by arduino and are hooked up to a raspberry pi running a Pure Data program that converts my voice using a ring modulator patch into the Dalek voice. The patch also controls the brightness of the eye light depending on the volume of my voice. There Is no moter inside, It's powered like Fred Flinstone's car, foot shuffling.

Need to re-photograph this, it's been updated alot more.


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     That's a beauty, a few man hours gone into that! Beats my three day K9 - now that was low tec and was built over a remote control truck. However he was just a surprise for a 70's party and now lives on top of a wardrobe. There's a joy to building a bit of 'Who' that's hard to resist.    
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