Some advice on my first project

Hi, I'm going to be starting my first sculpt soon in chavant NSP medium, its going to be a formless/semi liquid monster based on this drawing i did a few years ago..... (I figured it will be easier to get the hang of sculpting something like this as a beginner, rather than a humanoid form etc)
After watching Jordu's tutorial on making maquettes, my questions are;

Because of the shape, I'm going to use armature wire, but I ultimately want to have it in a display case (if it goes ok!) would it be easier to remove the finished sculpt from a temporary base, or should I mount the wire to the base of the final case.

How tough is chavant medium when it cools (I know it doesn't set hard), but if I wanted to add some larger tentacles, would i need wire for those too?

Thanks in advance, and I'll be posting pics of the project as soon as I start it!


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    I would suggest making your armature so it can be removed from your sculpting base and then inserted into your display base.  That way you don't have to worry about making a mess on your display base, potentially damaging it during sculpting, etc.

    Depending on the size/length of the tentacles you will likely want an armature in them just to be safe.

    That kind of organic shape seems like a great (and fun) project to start sculpting.  I hope you can share some photos of the finished sculpt here!

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    Thanks for that, What would be the best way to do it? A socket of some kind ( metal tube) that the armature fits in?

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    looks great
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    You can make a socket using square tubing so it does not rotate.  You can also have the base of the armature bolt to your working board from the under side, so removing a single bolt frees it.

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