How to connect foamed material with thin fabric?

I'm new here and I'm searching for a possibility to connect foamed material with thin fabric. The connection should be flexible.
Does someone have any idea or a link to one of the videos where maybe I could find a solution?

I already tried different kinds of adhesives, but they all vanish quickly in the foamed material. I tried silicone but it is not working very well.

I'm looking forward to hear from the community.



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    Hi Oni,

    I would try a contact adhesive like Barge.  This would provide a durable and flexible bond.   I would test on a smaller piece of the fabric to insure it does not bleed through to the beauty side of the fabric.

    With contact adhesives like barge you brush on a layer or two of adhesive on each part, allow them to dry (they will lose their shine when dry) and then press them together.

    When trying to glue different materials together you can also use this great online tool:  http://thistothat.com/

    Best of luck!

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