Homework Week One

Please post 3-4 photos of your homework for week one by midnight 5/9/14.

Thanks everyone!


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    steve crispsteve crisp ✭✭✭

    Hi Guys

    This is as far as I have been able to get due to work getting in the way.

    its based on a embryo creature.

    Hope you like it.


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    Hello, Here is how my Extraterrestrial Creature Maquette  sculpture so far.Thanks!
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    Hi folks, 

    Here's my submission. He's the soul eater and he's pointing.. at you!
    I've done what I can this week what with work commitments etc.

    My approach was that I wanted to do something that was humanoid-ish, so I could practice a little anatomy. I tend to exercise an Ecorche approach (argh)... but I think, I'm starting to work that out of my system alittle more on this exercise! ie: thinking more about shape and form. I pulled back on the hand as it was during our last crit and pulled back on the feet. The wire I used to wrap around my base armature was too thick in places and led to problems trying to keep the limbs more slender than I have them currently. I'm not sure about his pointing hand, I might give that a more general hand pose like his right hand currently. It's been fun to work on. 

    Holding off doing anymore until i get critical feedback!   :)
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    steve crispsteve crisp ✭✭✭


    That's going to be so cool when he finished

    Nice work.

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    Got off work late, sorry for late post.  This is what i got so far.
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    Peter CooperPeter Cooper ✭✭✭
    edited May 2014
    hehe, thanks Steve.
    I totally love your embryo creature sculpt. It's a beautifully creepy idea! 
    It'll be great to see how that develops.  ;)

    Working in monster clay is growing on me quickly!

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    I'm so sorry I didn't post till now I just now saw that email Chris :/. Here are some pictures though
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    Hey guys, remember that when working in monster clay if smaller areas become to soft you can use canned air upside down to freeze spray a certain area and make it instantly firm. Do not use freeze spray with flammable materials such as just before or after using alcohol, lighter fluids etc...remember to give these things time to evaporate off the surface of the clay and always use caution with these materials. 
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    Also do not forgot to post your latest work and this Friday May 16th is your deadline to show me your finished maquettes so I can grade everyones work and give final critiques etc... good luck with all your work. Its been a lot of fun to watch everyones ideas come to life and can't wait to see your works---no pressure:)!

    Keep in mind I am looking at setting up a new live one day eight hour workshop on just straight detail work--more announcements soon!
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    Thanks Casey!
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    Well here a some pictures of my piece it's coming slow but starting to see more and more. Working on some other things as well right now so it might be awhile till this is done. I won't say I'm finished until it's close to perfection. :) I also changed his leg position Casey on the left it's more forward and up. What words can you give Casey?
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