Davy Jones Cosplay from Pirates of the Carribean

This is my completely homemade Davy Jones Cosplay!

I started by taking a lifecast of my own face and hand, then sculpted the character on as a prosthetic to be cast in silicone.
The tentacles were sculpted and molded separately with matching washers on the end to ensure a perfect fit. 
The face, hand and tentacles were all cast in a gel filled silicone to achieve a squishy feel with a tough skin, then all painted with a silicone paint thinned down with Naptha.
I sculpted/molded the claw and leg separately as well and cast them in latex filled with foam then painted them with acrylics.

As for for the costume I sewed together a simple pirate suit using a Halloween pattern and glued on latex barnacles which I sculpted and molded plus real shells and starfish I purchased from a hobby store. I then distressed it heavily by cutting holes, shredding it and splashing mucky colors oll over it. 

After all all that work it was a triumph to finally put it all on and go out as Davy Jones. I got a huge positive reaction and people just couldn't believe their eyes!
Thanks for looking,
Todd Davis


  • Next level cosplay.
  • Absolutely incredible work. I knew there would be some serious competition in this contest.
  • ahhh so beautiful man! 
  • this is fantastic!
  • This is Super amazing you are so hard working. Very neat! And beautiful
  • Thanks everyone, it was a very big challenge but lots of fun!
  • That is one pretty looking mold. I totally wish you put wires through the tentacles for ultimate poses (would it even work?) but I'm grabbing at straws over here. Incredible work.

  • Funny thing is actually did put wires in the tentacles but the silicone was so heavy that they fell straight after about an hour lol!

  • Hi Todd, I'm 62, still trying to make costumes for my kids. I think your DJ cosplay is the best I've seen. I'd most grateful if you would kindly share some of your techniques, to help me make the best job I can! Please pm if you're happy to answer a few questions! Kind regards, John (in Yorkshire, UK) [email protected]

  • Absolutely! Glad to share
  • Fantastic! Kindly contact me at [email protected] so I may write directly.
  • KcRyanKcRyan Arizona

    I don't know if you are still answering questions on this amazing build that you designed. I'm looking for as much help as possible. 
  • Hello! Yes I get an email whenever anyone comments on it. 
    I’d be glad to help. You can use my personal email that way it’s easier for me to reply. Here is my email: [email protected]
  • Inspirational!
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