Rocket Raccoon Cosplay- Guardians of the Galaxy

This is my entry of my Rocket Raccoon cosplay from Guardians of the Galaxy. I built everything in this from the crafted foam head to my foot paws. The head is crafting foam with fur laid over it, vents so air can move through the head. Nose, teeth, tongue are carved crafting foam (Each individual tooth I might add!), whiskers are cut heavy plastic zip ties. Eyes are teddy bear eyes.The orange jumpsuit is a modified orange coverall clothes you would use for work/paint. Cutting the legs, sleeves and collar so the fur arms and legs could be attached to the suit as a whole. Orange section in the front is scraps used to make the channels for buckles and such to place the black vest and pack on. The Rocket Cannon, back pack is all EVA and crafting foam. Straps and buckles (Brown: crafting foam covered in a brown vinyl material), Black is either black vinyl or actual straps and buckles. Silver studs are actual studs that I used on my other Cosplay (left overs). Foot paws is cushion foam built around a cheap pair of shoes and black vinyl to protect the EVA foam bases. The toe nails are foam wrapped in black vinyl. Hand claws are actual nails found at a Halloween store, super glued to the tips of my fingers, which is covered with black theater gloves and fur over the tops of them. Black vinyl for 'grip' for bottles of water and such.

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