Dark Souls cosplay - Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Demon's Greataxe

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The Dragon Slayer Ornstein armor is 100% scratch built using primarily heat-formed expanded PVC (Sintra/Komatex) and most of the detailing was done with Magic Sculpt epoxy putty, a small portion of the armor (~5%) includes EVA foam and black Worbla. Other materials include weathered aluminum chain-mail, wet-felted wool dreadlocks, weathered silk fabric, and over 100 neodymium magnets. The helm visor (teeth opening/lower jaw) has a closed and open position, and is removable. 

The Dragonslayer Spear is made from PVC, PLA, XPS foam, minicell foam, Magic Sculpt and carbon fiber tubing.


The Demon's Greataxe is carved from layers of XPS insulation foam coated with Smooth-On Epsilon resin. The interior is carved out to house an Arduino and 240 programmable Neopixel strip LED's, and also contains 9 x 18650 Li-Ion battery cells with a charging port and power switch hidden in the root. The LED's will run for about 9 hours on a charge, and the overall dimensions of the Greataxe are 80" long x 24" wide x 14" thick.



Thanks for looking!!

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