How do you cover and stitch up the fingers? This is the only part I didn't find any videos on.

I'm trying to avoid hand stitching but that's what I will do if it's the only way.  If hand stitching, do you cut the fabric exactly the same size as the foam pattern? Then glue both sides front and back and then hand stitch up the seams?  Can I sew the fingers fabric portion with a sewing machine and then push the foam through like a glove?  How much bigger should the pattern be for the fabric? In the videos his finger shapes were so nice and rounded and look so amazing.  I just wish I could have seen him actually doing that specific part.  I would prefer if the ends of the fingers are slightly bigger and rounded if that makes sense.  I don't know if this information is important for this question but I'm trying to make a simpler version without the bones/wire part of the fingers and arms for my toddler.  So those parts don't really factor into some of the puppets I'm planning on making but I'm also planning on doing the more professional versions.  As I'm typing this I'm thinking the fingers probably do need to be hand stitched for this reason..... you need more seam allowance between fingers when sewing on a machine and because there is only so much space between the fingers your unable to get the proper seam allowance needed or you end up with larger spaces between fingers which can look weird if that's not what your going for.  Do you have any ideas for a way around that?  Basically hand stitching is one of the only things I don't have much patience for, most other things I can spend hours on without realizing.  Am I correct in how you would attach the fleece if hand stitching?  I tried attaching images but was unable.  Please let me know if you think of any additional problems I may run into for how I'm trying to go about making this puppet?  Thanks:)




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    I would oversize the pattern slightly to allow for a seam allowance and sew the hand halves together inside-out and then reverse them like a glove.  This would hide the seams better.

    You can also try looking up "how to make gloves" videos on YouTube that should cover the same basic process, and may offer some additional tips.

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    I don't know if you are still curious about sewing puppet hands, but I have been making puppets for many years and I have literally sewn 1000+ puppet hands in my time, so I think I might be able to offer some suggestions. You where right (as confirmed by chris) that you need a slight seamy allowance, but it's also important to use a fabric with a slight stretch, like antron fleece or any fabric that will achieve the desired look within reason, but the stretch needs to be width ways across the finger to help with the seams not being under too much stress, also a good Henson stitch is perfect if you are creating an invisible seam, whether it's creating the fabric covering and later 'stuffing' the foam hand inside or creating the foam hand and sewing the fabric around it. If you are going to create a foam understructure and then 'stuff' it in, then a good way I have found to help it slide in is to make little tubes out of plastic bag and slot them over the foam fingers so that they slide into the fabric easier, then simply snip at the exposed end of bag and gently tear it out from the hand so that the foam and fabric are touching. Like Chris said, sometimes sewing the hand inside out us a good idea, but just be careful if you make big hands with skinny arms, because it can be tricky trying to turn them right side out with so much fabric. Hope this helps and I haven't confused anyone, it's easier to show than to explain, it's not to tricky once you try it out though. 
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