Werewolf Transformation Practical Effects?

Hi! I'm putting together an upcoming series and a few scenes will involves me quite literally turning into a werewolf. I'm wanting to know where to go to create these props; the key pieces are the snout pushing forward and the feet lengthening into a digitigrade shape. I have zero clue where to begin, please help! Thank you! (:



  • These are pretty advanced techniques, but that's no reason not to give it a try! :)

    The two best known transformations in this genera are the following

    American Werewolf in London:

    The Howling:

    The general process is to start with a life cast of the performer, produce a rubber skin version of the head/foot/etc, then mechanically deform the skin between a "normal" and "wolf" state.

    Skills required include life casting, mold making, sculpting, painting, hair punching, mechanical engineering, and puppeteering.  

    The two transformation examples above were done in response to older transformations that only showed stages of the transformation in individual cuts, or A/B fades of makeup stages.  They wanted to show actual movement and transformation.

    If that proves too difficult for your project, you can always take a step back and do the traditional method where you cut between showing different stages of a makeup.
  •  Here's an article I wrote that covers some stuff you may find helpful, in addition to Chris' suggestions: https://creators.co/@chrismoonlight/4129741

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