Vashti - The Devourer of Lost Souls

Vashti is an original design inspired by Mozart's Queen of the Night and Bizet's Carmen. I loved the idea of a God-like figure that people would be in awe of.  I wanted a regal, divine character, but at the same point in time I wanted to have a 'come hither' sex appeal.  

From these inspirations and ideas, I created the demonic soul-eating character Vashti.  She wanders graveyards during celebrations when souls come back from the dead.  If those souls have not wandered back to where they belong by dawn, Vashti will capture and eat those souls.

The costume is hand drafted and tailored within an inch of its life.  Each feather of Vashti's original deconstructed Elizabethan ruff is hand curled into place.  The horns are handmade of worbla and all of the accessories you see are custom or repurposed for the dress.  I also designed the makeup and cast custom fangs for her as well.

Over 100 hours went into designing and creating Vashti.
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