Cenobite cosplay

edited March 2017 in Cosplay Contest
This cosplay was a fun to do. Growing up I would catch bits and pieces of the Hellraiser movies, but never really watched them. So my fiancé downloaded the scarlet gospel on audible. Listening to the fluff of this delightfully dark world it peeked my interest. Back when my fiancé was attending the Savini SFX programy he had started to create his own configuration puzzle box. I tried to finish it, but it wasn't coming out as I had hoped. So luckily he had many more box forms cut. I wanted to do a different box from the ones featured in the movies. So I researched the Yantra configuration, or the chains of Varekna box. I was very happy with the finished product. Every puzzle box called on a different set of cenobites. So the one my fiancé and I created came with a set of skin wings which are stretchedesigned out with real 3/0 or 6/0 fish hooks (sharp bits removed). The SFX makeup of the wings and a back piece to hide the wing support system was done by him and it looks as if the metal pieces, which were pvc pipe painted to look metal are actually patruding from my back. The beauty makeup and 95% of the costuming pieces I did myself. The material for the dress , the waist cincher apron, the gauntlets, and the posture collar is a stretch black patent faux leather. The silhouette of the dress is stunning, it has the feel of a plunging back 1950s Hollywood gown. I wanted to really play up the dark, raw, beauty of this kind of character. Some of the tools on the apron are borrowed from one of my fiancés costumes, and what really makes this character creepy is as I walk the metal tools on the apron clink together; it unnerved some people that much more.
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