Painted Forced Perspective Gag

Just wanted to share a painted forced perspective gag I created (in acrylic) to extend a miniature tunnel set, for my movie The Quantum Terror. It's for a very quick shot, so I didn't want to bother with motion tracking, green screen, and digital set extension. The actual miniature was built by an artist friend of mine named Heather Lowe, to match a set I built... and to answer your question, yes I use Newman's Own set dressing.


  • It looks great! How large is the miniature?
  • Perspective lines up great.  Would never know in a static shot that it was there!

  • Thanks Gordon. Each tunnel is 4' long by 1' high and 1' wide which is one quarter scale of our actual set.

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    Thanks so much Chris. As long as I keep the camera at eye level with the vanishing point, with the proper lighting, and don't linger too long, I can also get away with hand held shots. I confess, it worked even better than I expected.

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