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G'day fellow makers! I have been writing up my homework page for the Bruce Mitchell Part 3 Mask course and I have been having trouble making the page work the way I want it to. I couldn't find a how to guide that explains how to do things like embed youtube links so that the video is visible, ways of aligning pictures so they look nice, the correct resolution for pictures so that they load quickly. Is there a guide? I would really love to get the youtube embed feature back.


  • @Katherine Hannaford

    HI! Have not seen a guide but this is what I do. I resize my pictures to 600 pixels wide X whatever the high works out to be. (make sure proportion is "locked" in the program you use to resize.) Cropping is not a bad idea, either. The pictures will load faster and still have good detail.

    For videos, I upload to YouTube, then post the YouTube SHARE link, NOT the embed code, directly into the post. When you post the comment, the video will show up in the feed.

    Here is an example from one of my video tests:

    Hope this makes sense.


  • As for aligning, I just drop the images in and hope for the best!
  • Thanks David!!!! It worked! It's been a year and I had forgotten how to make the page nice until you came along! Cheers Mate!
  •  :) 
  • @Katherine Hannaford A how-to post would be great to have.  It's something I've been wanting to create for a while now.  Your suggestions on discussing YouTube embedding, photos, etc. are all great.

    As for image embedding, any size will work.  Larger images are scaled down to fit within the post, but do take much longer to download.  Sometimes larger photos are useful if it is something like a sculpt with a lot of texture detail, but other times you can get away with smaller images.  

    If anyone has any other suggestions or questions, this would be a great place to post them.

    At some point I'll get a post like that written! (and find a way to link to it so newer members can easily find it)



  • :) Very helpful. Rules for pictures were the first thing I looked for
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