Final HomeWork

Please post your finished work for your final exam by May 4th 2014.


  • Here is my final result plus a little extra.

    The visor ended up with bubbles in it.  I had to heat it for an extended period because of how deep of a pull I needed.  That, I believe, caused the PETG to overheat and bubble.

    Another issue is that flat spot over the ear.  The original intent was to print a widget that fit neatly over that but my 3D printer has been on the fritz.  It looks OK, but would be better with something in that space.

    The plasma rifle was done with a combination of fabrication techniques; vacuum forming, laser cutting, some 2x6 lumber and a couple of chunks of PVC pipe.  I placed a small LED flashlight underneath the muzzle area.  Conveniently, it gives off a blue light so it matches the color scheme.

  • I even put together an action shot.

    I had taken a bunch of video but my green screen was so poorly lit that it would have taken me a couple of days to clean it all.  So, all I ended up with was this 3 second shot.

  • Hey, Cool!  The YouTube link embedded itself automatically.

  • My finished helmets, these will be performing at a festival in ireland over the summer!
  • In order to show that I have tried to do the helmet in time, I will have to post multiple images from various other projects to show: 1) completion of the vacuum machine, 2) carving attempt with floral foam, 3) weathering and greebling techniques. I ABSOLUTELY will complete the helmet that I started for this project, but I was worried that I wouldn't get "graded" if I didn't turn in something today. Please accept my work to date, and then expect images from my intended project as soon as I get about 1 free day to finish it. I apologize that I didn't have the intended helmet completed, but life (and my job in teaching, getting the students ready for graduation, and spring plays, and spring concerts...) got in the way. In regards to the helmet that I submitted, I painted it using reference pictures from the movie, and added "weathering" where I thought there was the worst damage. I used a combination of airbrush paint and silver colored pencil. I wrapped the muzzle of the helm with deer skin leather, and the earpieces are from vehicle kits I scavenged from my dad's home. I made epoxy molds of the pieces in case he really wanted the original pieces returned ;). If there are any further questions about this helmet. Please feel free to ask, and I look forward to showing you my future project.
  • Any update?....whats happening?
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