Possible to save a silicone mold made with sulphurous clay


I'm building a prop and last night I attempted to make a mold of a button form. I built a clay wall around a bouncy ball that I was molding and poured Smooth-On Mold Star 16 Fast platinum silicone rubber. This morning I went to demold and realized I used a sulphurous clay for the clay wall, so the rubber has not fully set up where it was touching the clay wall. I pulled the mold away from the clay wall and have left the bouncy ball inside the mold for now. My question - now that the mold is removed from the sulfur clay, is there reason to think it will finish setting? Should I give it a day or just make a new mold? The detail around the clay wall has been lost, but I don't really need that - I'm just hoping the detail around the bouncy ball is good. 

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    Like, one time poured silicone that was expired, and it took a few days, but eventually set into something usable. I'm wondering if this silicone may also set now that I've removed it from the sulfurous clay. 
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    I've done something very similar once. I ended up having to clean the unset silicone off with rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. If you're not pressed for time you can wait and see but since it's just the outside you might just want to wipe it off.
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    Thank you for your comment Blake. I ended up just making a new mold. It never set up. 
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    This page has a camera test that I shot with the prop I made that included a button form in it. The button undergoes a transformation. 


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