I was  watching Part 3 of Shannon Shea's web course and they mentioned how the studio owns the models, etc.  One of my favorite artists still had all of their  designs, molds, models in storage til the day he died.   That man was the late, great Ray Harryhausen.  How did that work,  can you still ask for that?  Thanks!


  • If I'm right, Ray had all the designs, molds, models etc because he was the main driving force behind most (if not all) of the films he made. They were Ray Harryhausen productions. 
  • That is part of your contract with the client.  You can request to keep the molds, castings, sculpts, finished works, etc.   This is something many effects artists/studios do.  Some clients want to keep everything though, but that's where you get to charge them more.

    It all depends on the client, their intellectual property, and the nature of the project.

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