Krylon crystal clear ruins detail of sculpt... skip it?

In Rob Freitas' tutorial he says cc takes a lot of detail away from appliance sculpts, so he just uses frecote lift in epoxy molds. I trust him but I'm about to make a two piece epoxy mold of a full head mask sculpt. I was gonna do a dusting of crystal clear followed by ease release, thinking I need the strength of the cc when I build my wall. My core is epoxy and mold will be epoxy. Will frecote all by itself be a better option? I'd like to preserve as much detail as possible. 

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    Well I didn't intend to skip mold release all together just the krylon stage. I think I'm doing a light amount of cc followed by either ease release 200 or frecote lift
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    Thanks Blake. Do have any opinion on frecote lift vs ease release 200?
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    Just in case anyone else was wondering I've used both now... and in my experience frecote lift did a much better job releasing oil based clay from an epoxy mold. Ymmv!
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