Mold Making Advise - Owl Cosplay

Hello to all. Im doing a project a bit out of my field of comfort but im dead set in making it. 
My cosplay project is Yoshimura aka Owl from Tokyo Ghoul. My initial idea was to make his weapons, kagune, hollow so I can put my arms in there and swing around and its still up there so if you have any suggestions towards this please let me know. 

Another version of the cosplay was to make it and just have it rest from the shoulders and hang.
The process plan was just to make the arms first by expanding foam to gain the the correct size and shape, followed by covering it with clay (which one you recommend most for this project) to add the details - since the kagune is suppose to be organs made into weapon I felt it was necessary to add an organic look to it). 
So my dilemma is this: what material/foam/latex/silicone/rubber/etc. can I use for molding and casting? Considering it's size it's gonna be heavy - hence why I left my first version of the cosplay up there because hollowing it out for my arms would make it lighter and I would some polyfillers to fill it when not in use. I've considered dragonskin from smoothon but considering the price I wanted to see my other options by asking the professionals or well seasoned users here in the forums. 

Ill be using football shoulder pads as the base and internal rig for this cosplay. the back spikes will be attached to the back now its just the arms I need help figuring out. 

Attached is from the anime so you can see my reference. 


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    The first thing is to decide what the final pieces will be made from, this will dictate what material you'll make your mold from and enough the clay you sculpt with. Some silicones can be touchy and won't set up if casted into mounds made out of the wrong material (ex: platinum silicone won't cure if put into a tin cure silicone mould.) you'll also have to take into consideration the clay you're sculpting with, if your using a platinum silicone you shouldn't use clay with salfur in it. 

    So, from you're desrciption it sounds like you just want something fresh like and light weigh. In that case you could go with an expandable foam, FlexFoam it 3  is a poly base foam. Poly foams will decay over time so if you want longer longevity you could use Soma Foam 15 or 25, which is a platinum base foam. To make it hollow you would just need to make a removable core or you could build a hand grip (a tube through a bucket would work) and cast the foam around it make them permanently attached. You could also cast the arm out of resin or fiber glass but it will then be ridged. Let me know what you decide about the mareral as I could tell you into on how to get the cheapest prices.Hope this helps, let me know if I can clairafiy or am misunderstanding your idea.
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    Thank you for sharing your views.
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