swing lamps for the workstation

I have a couple of 36 inch lamps that I like but I'd like some larger larger...particularly the lamps I've noticed in the sculpting tutorials. I've looked around the web without any luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    I know a few friends who were lucky to find old dental/medical examination lamps that are really large, hold bright bulbs, and super easy to move around.  You may be able to find something like that on eBay.

    This is a great discussion, as lighting your work is super important, and there are a lot of ways to do it.

    I'm currently using 2 LED panels that are color temperature adjustable and dimmable.  I put them on DSLR Gorilla pods so they are easy to move around.  I mainly chose these because I use them for filming, photography, and live streaming.

    They also help because my work benches don't really work for clamp-on lamps, as the benches are too thick and have drawers.

    Anyone else have good lighting/lamp solutions?



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    I had to bolt an office desk lamp with adjustable arm to a raised frame clamped to my sculpting table to get an additional foot of height. I need a dental lamp bad.
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