Dog needs prosthetic nose.

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Hello, some one sent me a link to a story:

And I thought back to this guy who got a prosthetic nose, and was wondering if there were any people here who had the talent, and resources to help this fella out, I think it would be good to help this dog out in only a way you guys could, if you came up with a pop on nose prosthetic for him, find out if a stud can be placed by a vet tech and anchor on a pretty nose for this poor guy so he can find a good home and feel normal again.
Any ideas?


  • I am attempting to contact the humane society where he is, to see if there is still a chance to help him out.
    I would like to assemble a team to help him out, and set up a go-fund me or similar web help page for donations to assist with the expenses.
    If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

  • Hi Vaughn,

    Typically prosthetics on animals are only done if they provide a quality of life improvement like aiding in mobility, provide protection, or helping them to eat or drink.  Cosmetic prosthetics are not often used for animals, so a medical need would likely need to be determined.

    As you suggested above, some type of stud would need to be surgically installed to anchor a prosthetic in place, and there are concerns that it could impact the dog's ability to breath or smell.  Though it may provide some protection to the sinuses from infection or drying out, so a legitimate medical need may be there.

    While a special effects artist could sculpt a realistic dog nose, specialists are often used for medical prosthetic creation because of material requirements, durability concerns, inhibition of anatomical functions, etc. that often require advanced knowledge or experience. 

    I wish I knew more about the organizations that typically handle this kind of thing, as that dog certainly deserves every chance at a happy life with a loving family.  Especially after enduring such horrors.

    I've seen a lot of news articles, specials, and watched a great documentary about prosthetics created for any number of animals (everything from fish, birds, alligators, cats, dogs, horses, etc) but I can't recall any specific names or companies that could help.

    You may want to do some google research to see if you can find anything, but first I would check with the folks currently handling the dog and see if they believe a prosthetic would be appropriate.

    My heart really goes out to that poor pup. :(

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