Creature Sculpting Contest - Warrior Faun

I have always loved old, wild forests and the creatures that live in them. This bust is from a series of creatures I came up with and are based on my love of different protectors of forests and wild places in mythology and folklore. Whether they are Greek fauns and satyrs , Celtic Fomorians, Cernunnos type nature gods, Germanic Krampus, or the manitous of the Ojibwe First People, I love them all. While walking through the woods with my wife last year I began thinking about how I could show how I think these types of creatures might be if they lived in Michigan. Every place I have lived has had a different feel to the wild places. Michigan is a very special place for me because of the wonderful variety of trees that make up our forest lands. I got the idea to use branches and limbs from trees as horns and antlers on my fauns and then began this series of creatures.

The spread on the branch-antlers is 43inches across. Made in Aves Apoxie Sculpt. 

Hope you guys enjoy :)

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