Creature Sculpting Contest: Swamp King- Creature suit maquette by Teamonster

Swamp King 

A creature suit concept maquette.

Hi everyone, I decided to join in and have a go last minute.
This sculpt was made purely for this contest over the last week. I really was looking for 'a guy in a suit' approach. 
About 25 hours work to this point.
It's not a fully refined finished piece but I hope it conveys some sense of character.

Super sculpey (50/50 mix) six and a half inches tall. ('Real world' character height 8 foot tall.)

Thanks for looking, good luck to all!

There is much I'd like to improve on but I'm out of time on this one. Perhaps I will revisit it one day. I hope this coming year to do much more sculpting and really get to grips with anatomy.

A big Thank you to all the team that put such hard work into making SWSCA so great.
It's the best resource an aspiring artist could wish for, long may it continue!
Thanks for putting these contests together, they really do make rusty peeps like me spring into action!

Aka Teamonsteruk
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