Life Size Hulk - Avengers Age of Ultron

Hi guys!

We are a special effects company here in Brazil! We only exist for the inspiration that artists like you from Stan Winston pass to us! We thank the school for sharing this knowledge with us!
Many, many thanks!

I would like to share a work we did in the year 2015. We were only able to share now :(
Hulk full size based on the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We did it all waching the classes of Stan Winston School!

Thank you guys for the lessons and all the support!

I hope you like it! And sorry for the bad English!

Close Up Hulk (finished)

Sculpture - With plasticine 

Making Eyes



I hope you enjoy!

More photos:
1.jpg 114.6K
5.jpg 71.9K
3.jpg 84.5K
6.jpg 78.1K
7.jpg 79.8K
2.jpg 195.7K
4.jpg 151.1K
8.jpg 79.2K
9.jpg 130.5K
12.jpg 81.9K
11.jpg 365.2K
13.jpg 77.3K
17.jpg 84.6K
16.jpg 98.6K
18.jpg 98.1K
14.jpg 237.1K
15.jpg 267.2K


  • Fantastic work!  Such a large and detailed project, and very impressive!

    We are glad that our lessons helped you, and want to thank you for sharing this.  It's extremely rewarding to both us and our instructors to see what our students make!

    I'll be sure and share this with the rest of the SWS team.

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