Nyxie - Poseable golden phoenix

This little golden phoenix was created from scratch using wire bones, stuffing muscles and faux fur for skin - her spectacular plumage was then meticulously hand laid. Her feathers are naturally shed gold-laced wyandotte feathers, ethically sourced and cleaned rigorously before application. Due to her wire armature, her feet, claws, neck and wings are able to be bent into a variety of poses. Her eyes are painted on the back, allowing the pupils to follow you around the room. Her talons are hand-crafted from hot glue, so will not break if bent. Her beak was sculpted from paper magiclay, so is soft and lightweight.  

You can read her story here: http://www.sonsationalcreations.com.au/product-page/2e0c7be9-088e-cd34-45ac-9ce53e3b5225


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