Nia - Poseable Fantasy Creature

Created with a wire skeletons, stuffing muscles, and faux fur pelt - her limbs, digits, tail, body and ears can be bent into a variety of poses. The eyes are glass and the irises are handcrafted - they can follow you around the room. Her fur was hand-dyed and her paw pads were hand-sculpted from hot glue (ouch). The claws and face - including teeth, mouth, ears and eyelids - were sculpted with paper magiclay. Her necklace features real (ethically sourced) teeth and vertebrae. 

Nia is a Fyrae - a semi-arboreal species which bares similarities to simians and canines. They are a learned species, living in tribes of up to 30 and often embarking on hunting and trading expeditions with other sentient species. They are omnivorous, though tend to favour meat over other foods. Despite growing to a height of approximately 1.7m, they seldom weigh over 45kg, allowing them to move through trees with relative ease. 


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