The Zarlonian Death Worm!

The Zarlonian Death Worm: This creature is known to infect and integrate themselves into the bodies a host (typically one that is nonthreatening appearance) to surprise unsuspecting prey. It is not uncommon for a host to grow attached to their Death Worm, and it is often found that a symbiotic has be reached. If you see this creature do not engage! you can typically spot this the worm when hiding itself by the sublet claws on the shoulders of its host, or by the nerve integration sprout that connects to the back of the host's neck. This creature may have a slightly silly appearance, but it is faster than you, and it will catch you if you make the mistake of getting close.

I had a lot of fun coming up with this creature. It was supper fun to put both my more realistic and cartoonish styles into the same piece and I am super happy with the result. Thanks for hosting this challenge, and I cant wait for the next one!


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