Creature Sculpting Contest

Hi, this is my job. First appears Lavinia Whateley made in latex, filled with flexible polyurethane foam, resin eyes, monofilament like hair, painted with latex and acrylics. Dimensions: 42cm x 21cm x 29cm. Then the severed head of the Zombie Saponified (inspired by Well Walker of The Walking Dead) made of latex foam, 46cm x 26cm x 30cm, has details such as acrylic teeth, resin eyes, 1x1 applied Kanekalon hair, polyurethane foam filling and mounted on wood base. Both sculpted in oil clay of very poor quality (school clay model Baco), molded in ultracal 30. We always have problems getting materials in my city, everything must be bought online and it is very expensive, a kit of materials for sculpture would help me Very much ... (sorry for my bad English) L


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