Creepy Human: Sturmjochen the scratcher

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Hey [=

I want to share the making of my first latex mask with you.

The idea was to create a creepy human charakter in form of a half mask for halloween... or put in a black box and hang that onto the wall,... or let it rot in a corner,..  :D

Here we go:

I made a stonemold and after a few shitty pulls, the first useable pull came out. 
The latex was very cheap,.. latexmilk from ebay^^ When it drys, it becomes clear yellow.
I decided to brush in a first layer of painted latex (On 500 ml Latex: 5 ml opaque white, 6 drops ultramarin blue,  and 3 drops opaque red ) 
After that, i filled the whole mold with the latex and let the latex set for 6 hours (20° C roomtemperatue, 35% airmoisture (you know? xD)

I mixed some silicone paints, like the way i have seen in the SWS lessons, and started painting.
(you cant buy Naptha in Germany,.. but "Waschbenzin" is aviable everywhere. That breaks down the thick silicone which you can buy in every hardware store and i think that works the same way like original naptha :-))

Here is the finished Mask:
Messed up the eyes (holy shit,...) But its very strange to create sharp- opaque edges for the iris with translucent silicone paints,.. I started to kick the paints into the opaque side,.. but that wasnt very cool,.. I went crazy and at one point i said: "f*** it all,.. went to finish,.. NOW!"  :D

Sturmjochen the scratcher,.. 
A guy, who is getting nervous and starts scratching himself, when he looks at playing children,.. A very sick brain,..^^

Hope you like it.

Thanks to the SWSCA again,.. Every time i take a lesson i think about how great that is...




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