War Machine Mark III Civil War

I figure I would move this over to the General category (No response in Cosplay), I'm currently in the process of building a 3D printed War Machine Mark III suit and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what paint/colors would best match this suit. From the screen shots it almost looks like a German Grey and silver base? I want make this one as close to the original as possible. Will also plan on doing the oil wash to dirty it up a bit.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  


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    Hi Tim,

    Picking the paint for a movie prop can be tricky, as in person lighting conditions are very different than those on set, and the final color treatment on a film will also complicate things.

    Unless you are able to find someone with access to one of the original props who can take a photo of it with a color chart or can hunt down the person that originally painted it you may just have to take your best guess at the color.

    Best of luck, and I hope you can share your War Machine with us here, I'd love to see it!

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    Thanks Chris,

     I ended up going to a custom automotive paint supplier and they matched up the various photos from the film and did a special airbrush blend for me. Will definitely share when I get a chance.

    BTW - how do you attach photo's here? The shoulder gun is finished and wanted to share it.

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    Awesome, glad you came up with a solution.  I bet the automotive paint looks great!

    There is an "attach file" icon above the text field when posting a comment or a new discussion.  Here is an image of what that looks like:

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    edited January 2017

    Heres the shoulder gun I had finished. I would eventually like to make this voice automated.  Rise up and move into position via voice command. Been watching David Covarrubias tutorials extensively. I have some engineers at my local builder hub that are going to assist in this project. Its gonna be a blast. (No pun indented)   :)

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