i finished my sculpture. i see tutorial on how to cast but what if i want to bake it?

they place the sculpture on a piece of would but how do you bake it? is it a special base that can be placed in an oven. im a complete noob at this. 

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  • what did you sculpt it in?
  • and by that I mean, is it oil clay, sculpey, water clay, wed clay?
  • i mixed my clay: super sculpet/ original sculpey/ sculpey 3. the armature is inserted into two wholes i drilled into my lazy susan. im really up for any advice. if you think molding would be better im down lol. only problems is i dont know how to do it. 

  • sculpture is a ninja turtle a little over 12 inches tall
  • thank you so much for all the help. man i love this site people are so fast to respond. 
  • If I were you I would only mold it if I wanted to make copies for people.

    Otherwise you would have to cut your sculpt into sections so it could be molded piece by piece.

  • Josh SullivanJosh Sullivan Sydney, Australia
    Yeah I'd avoid molding/casting it unless you're after multiple copies to sell or give away. Silicone and resin aren't cheap.

    For baking I'd get a piece of wood (ply, mdf  etc) drill holes to fit your armature wire  and transfer the sculpt from the lazy susan.  Some wood will bleed sap while in the oven so put it on some foil or baking paper just in case.
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