Tropic Thunder Sgt Lincoln Osiris make up effects.

I am experimenting with making a "Sgt Lincoln Osiris" character make up. This is the Robert Downey. Jr character. I would like to challenge my fellow artists and ask how they would re-create this make up. What material is used for the lower lip piece foam latex or silicon? Are there any cheek pieces ear or eye brow pieces? Are the prosthetic off the shelf or custom sculpted and molded? What color and version of skin illustrator is used for the face paint? The nose is a prosthetic but what material is it made out of foam latex or silicone? If anyone has any answers's  to how this make up was made so hyper realistically I would like to know how they created it. Rick Baker is credited with designing the make up but I can not find any references as to how it was created.

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