Dear team of Stan Winston, I was wondering what is possible with points & badges members earn.  
Kind regards
Tommie van der Veer


  • Hi Thomas, sorry I missed this question originally.    I don't have a list available to me with every badge, but there are different tiers for number of likes, questions answered, posts, comments, etc.  For example:  5 likes, 25 likes, 100 likes, 250 likes. Each tier gives you a few more points.   I also believe each individual post and comment you make gives points as well.

    We can also make custom badges, which is something I plan on looking into a bit more.  Right now we have an "Alumni" badge that can be awarded to students that have been active in the community for a long time.  I've also been working on plans for a special "Alumni" section in the forums, where anyone with that rank can post.

    And we are always open to suggestions to help make the community better!


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