Painting Human Maquettes

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Hi guys, loving Stan Winston School so far... I joined mainly for help with maquette production. I'd love to see a course on assembling and painting a life-like human maquette if possible. I watched the Avatar Character Painting class but it didn't really go into assembly IE: whats best to assemble pre-paint vs post paint, and how to avoid gaps etc in post paint part assembly.. Also after something that deals with real skin tones, including sub-surface effects etc, as this is something I'm really battling with. Ron Mueck's work is the kind of thing I'm trying to work towards, albeit on a smaller scale.

P.S. I realize there's a focus on creatures and the likes so if this is not something Stan Winston School really does I'd be very appreciative of some suggestions on where I might find this sort of material.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!
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