Hey guys, after today's class the realization that we only have a couple more weeks together is hitting pretty hard. Your work inspires me every week, invigorating my passion and perspectives with entirely unique ideas and techniques. I really need this.  Even if its just Facebook, I hope we feed each others knowledge and enthusiasm for many years to come.

Also, I'll leave the Google Hangout running while I'm sculpting on Sunday's around 10 AM PST. Come hang out when you can!

Here's my contact info:





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    Hi David!
      I don't want it to end either !
    Things have been so hectic for me between caring for my mom (she broke her hip) and the new store
    that I haven't even gotten a chance to post on the forum or go to google hangout.(Or post my assignments in the correct spot!)
     I hope the forum stays open when the class ends, I feel like I missed so much because I didn't have the time to participate.
    Also, I have to tell you, the class was not the same today because both you and Marita were hardly on camera, I missed you both! So Yes, let's all keep in touch!

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    Totally understand how you feel Susan. My work schedule went nuts a week into class and hasn't shown me any kindness since. It's hard balancing the a passion that fulfills us with the things you have to do to keep the necessities going. This class - and the time I haven't been able to devote to this opportunity - have really made me take a hard look at tweaking my life a bit. Life is a little too short not to spend your days loving what you do. I read somewhere that the key to success are two elements  - technique and tenacity. This class with surely help with one. And the support of my loved ones and peers will surely propel the other.

    I hope your mom is recovering peacefully and congratulations on the store! It seems you're well on the way of figuring out how to balance what keeps you fulfilled with what keeps the lights on!
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    Christopher VaughanChristopher Vaughan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hey Guys! I have REALLY enjoyed this class you are the dream team! feel free to send me a friend request on facebook.

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    Æææææh! (Norwegian letters of despair because the course is ending soon) ;)
    I hope we all will keep in touch, and as I plan on attending many more courses, I hope several of you will too!

    Here's where to find me:

    https://www.facebook.com/tathariel (My personal account)

    Feel free to add or stalk me like a ninja! ;)

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    I will miss you :)

    etc :P
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    You can find me on Facebook under the name "David Stuman" with the profile photo of my jack nicholson sculpture I made.

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    hi guys wana stay in contact my e-mail is selina.horowitz@gmx.ch or over Facebook selina horowitz

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    Hi there ! Thank you all for the FB friendship ! Sorry I can't talk much in here. Hope you had a blasr yesterday!
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